Mission Update

Muskingum University has made it known that they need to refill their supplies of personal hygiene products for students that need help while waiting for their next paycheck or when things are particularly tight at home. There is often some embarrassment associated with being unable to purchase the supplies you need. Giant bottles of anything are not needed, small or travel sized products can get a student through a rough patch feeling clean and confident.  Here is a list of suggested items you may donate: shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss, mouthwash, body wash, lotion, hand sanitizer, lip balm, deodorant, feminine hygiene products (pads/tampons), tissues, hair ties, band aids.

MU would also like to collect supplies for COVID-19 quarantine Survival Bags. Items needed for these bags would include: ramen noodles, microwavable macaroni & cheese, jerky, granola bars, mini wrapped candy bars, coloring books for adults, colored pencils, play-doh, small puzzles, brain teasers, cards, and drawstring or fabric store bags to put these kits together.

NCUMC will have a box on the front porch to collect supplies beginning November 9 and ending December 31. Corey or Pastor Lisa will bring the items in each morning and afternoon Monday through Friday.